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TurboFire Day 2 (and some other stuff)

It’s the HIIT 15 class + Stretch 10 class today

I really enjoyed my first day yesterday ( Fire 30 + Stretch 10) even though half the time I don’t think I was doing the moves right, it was seriously fun! 

I’m also starting a run/walk program to run a 5k, I’d really like to do a Halloween run and a Turkey Trot. Wait, scratch thatwill do both of those runs, so I’d better get running, right?

I did do some running over the summer, but I don’t really know where I’m at, so I’m going to start at the very beginning working off a 7-week 5k Walk/Run plan from the Mayo Clinic. 

Today is 30 mins, I’ll be running for 15 seconds and walking for 45 seconds every minute. I’m hoping it will be easy!

Tonight I’ll post what I’ve eaten today, how the exercises went, and some new goals. 

(Now that my computer is back up and running, hopefully I’ll actually remember to track EVERYTHING!)

Have a lovely and productive Monday!


bahahah omg this could not be more accurate


bahahah omg this could not be more accurate

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Finished my 30 Day shred workout, c'mon endorphins!

No one ever: Wow. That workout made me so sad. I seriously regret doing it.

Time for some 30 Day Shred!!!!

Gonna get all hot and sweaty and happy up in here ;)

Haha, that sounds so weird….